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custom glass shower doors - a guide to cleaning glass doors

by:Xavier      2020-03-26
Glass doors are a great choice for shower curtains.
However, since they are easy to scale and collect soap, regular cleaning is requiredsuds over time.
Glass shower doors are stylish, stylish and stylish only when they are clean.
The unclean glass doors look disgusting and people find them disgusting!
Here are several ways to keep the custom glass shower door clean and tidy: 1)The vinegar-water-
Newspaper mixture
It is considered to be the oldest trick in the book and the most effective.
Scrub your glass door with an old newspaper and dip in vinegar to dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 4.
Scrub the glass with a circular pattern or a vertical slide. 2)
Only vinegar can remove stubborn stains and dirt. Dish-
Laundry detergent soap has a good effect on stubborn stains on dirty glass doors. 3)
Steam cleaning is another option you can consider.
A special steam cleaning machine that can thoroughly clean the glass.
However, they are not very eco-friendly. friendly.
The steam washer squirts hot steam onto the glass to dissolve dirt and dirt, making the glass clean. 4)
The body\'s oil and soap can be removed from the glass door by scrubbing them with a mixture of soda water, vinegar and lemon juice added to ration 2:1.
The mixture should be thick paste and you have to rub on the stain on the door.
Keep the mixture 10-
For 15 minutes, scrub clean with a wet sponge or a soft brush. 5)
Before you start applying any of the above techniques to your glass shower door, make sure you clean it with a wet towel first.
This will release dirt and dirt, making the rest of the cleaning process fast and efficient.
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