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china sanitary ware industry bullish

by:Xavier      2020-04-04
China\'s current sanitary ware market is almost 500 rupees, which is actually 3-per year-
4% of the industry.
Looking forward to the future, China\'s sanitary ware products will have a huge market, and the export market will grow simultaneously.
In addition, the government\'s support for improving health and hygiene and the acceleration of urbanization have greatly promoted China\'s sanitary ware industry.
Today, these companies are applying accurate standards to make the best quality machines using the latest designed top-level machinery and strict quality measures. Become the largest manufacturing center of international sanitary ware brand.
Even foreign brands such as H & R Johnson, Roca, and Kohler have set up businesses in China.
First of all, China\'s sanitary ware is relatively cheap compared to the West, because China has sufficient raw materials and low-cost labor compared with other countries.
In fact, this makes China\'s bathroom products more advantageous than its competitors in neighboring countries, and China\'s bathroom exports are naturally expanding.
On the other hand, China\'s population is growing at a significant rate.
27% of the population comes from urban areas.
However, there is a large difference in the distribution of amenities between the country\'s urban and rural population.
According to 1994 studies, nearly 70% of the urban population in rural areas have access to adequate sanitation, and only 14% of the urban population have access to sanitation.
According to current government estimates, almost 50% of the urban population lacks adequate sanitation facilities, and the situation in the rural market is very bad.
In the past five or six years, China\'s sanitary ware market has grown exponentially, and the production capacity of major companies is constantly improving.
Of course, the development of the real estate industry is directly related to the development of the industry.
Housing demand is rising today.
Interestingly, due to the rise in purchasing power parity, people are beginning to be interested in top sanitary ware.
In fact, the increase in demand for Sanitary Ware is not only from new projects, but also a huge market for alternative products.
The significant growth in the industry has inspired industry giants to strengthen manufacturing systems and even create value for money for customers by applying the latest technologies.
In addition, Chinese companies are further promoting the advantages of high-end sanitary ware to people.
Chinese manufacturers grow by 15-17% a year, strengthening the network of dealers across the country.
Demand for manufacturingin-
In the international market, China Sanitary Ware is the main destination for purchasing sanitary ware from China. Given the supply of large quantities of raw materials, most health companies have set up factories in Rajasthan and Gujarat-
Labor prices there.
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