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by:Xavier      2020-06-30
Lounge furniture and accessories The importance of the type of furniture you choose for your pad is not something you should underestimate. Browse through some interior decorating magazines to get an idea of what you like. If you don't like shopping, you can always check out an online furniture shop for your lounge and bedroom furniture. Your couch should be inviting and comfortable. Throw some brightly coloured scatter cushions on it to show your lady friends that you pay attention to detail. Your lounge is where the two of you will be spending time together, where you will listen to music and have a glass of wine. Some nice lounge furniture in a spotlessly clean living room will get you off to a good start. Make sure you have interesting magazines or coffee table books casually placed on your lounge table. Perhaps some art books and nature magazines with interesting titles, something she can browse through and help her get a sense of you and your interests. Make sure you choose them carefully. Of course your lounge furniture should include a stylish looking wall unit for your flat screen TV and your sound system. It would be nice if you could place some framed family pictures there and some art pieces. Make it look attractive and interesting. Bedroom furniture and accessories In terms of size, a King or Queen bed is probably a good choice. And make sure the bed has a nice, clean and contemporary design. Take special care when selecting your bedding as well. Keep the colours elegant and add some nice big fluffy scatter cushions. You want to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. If you haven't had the chance to fold up your clothes neatly, make sure your wardrobe is closed. Perhaps you could casually drape a well-cut suit over a comfy chair. Make sure the surface is not cluttered, but also don't leave it completely empty. Place a nice stand-alone light there with a dimmer switch, add one or two books and perhaps a beautiful crystal bottle filled with fresh water and a matching glass. Bathroom and accessories We guarantee that she will be checking out your bathroom within ten minutes after her arrival. So make sure it is absolutely spotlessly clean and smells fresh. Place only a few interesting things on or around your sink, such as an attractive bottle of liquid hand soap, a nice looking toothbrush holder (make sure your toothbrush is new), some bottles of expensive cologne... you get the idea. The bathtub is one area where you can go all out. Get some bath crystals, bubble bath and a collection of beautiful candles. If you have the space, add a lush green plant. She will think you are the most romantic man ever. Promise. Soft and huge and fluffy. That's what will catch her eye. White, navy blue or dark green will be a great choice. Make sure that your bathroom accessories and accents are of the same or complementing colours. Inviting lighting Your living room, bathroom and bedroom lighting should create a soft and cosy atmosphere. Bright lights do nothing for romantic evenings. Consider placing interesting looking stand-alone lamps in strategic places, or put dimmer switches on your existing lighting. Don't forget the art Choose something that you actually like while making sure it gives the impression that a worldly, stylish man with good taste lives here. Hang the paintings in your living room, bedroom and perhaps even your bathroom if you have the space for it.
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