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Better than the earlier format of a traditional steam sauna

by:Xavier      2020-06-22
When you are in an infrared sauna, the infrared radiation warms only the skin without heating the air surrounding others in the sauna room. The body's temperature is raised as the infrared waves enter the body. In a traditional sauna, heated rocks were used to heat the air inside the sauna room. Mostly water would be poured onto the rocks; that would evaporate into steam on contact with the extremely hot surface of the rocks. The heat from the rocks would then raise body temperature. An infrared sauna is built similar to a traditional steam sauna. They are usually in a small room with bench seating along the walls. Infrared saunas can accommodate one or two people or more, depending on where it is located. Usually people undress and wrap a towel around their body when they go into a sauna to absorb the sweat which is produced by the high temperatures. All the sweat that is released while in an infrared sauna or steam shower, removes toxins from the skin. It is a natural way to cleanse the body and allow people to feel relaxed at the same time. At Arctic Spas Utah, you'll find everything you need to relax, including steam showers and infrared saunas. They also carry hot tubs that are built strong. To see what Arctic Spas Utah has to offer, visit them online or follow them on Twitter: arcticspasutah. They have a great selection of hot tub accessories, steam showers, infrared saunas and more!
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