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Back and neck pain is becoming more and more common

by:Xavier      2020-07-01
How Can I Treat My Pain? 1) Continuing with your everyday work and activities is important as you need to stay as active as possible. Inactivity for long periods is often seen as something which is bad for backs and necks and mild activities such as walking can really make a significant difference. 2) When you're at work or working from home, it is vitally important that you have an adjustable workstation in order to put your back and neck in the most comfortable position possible, relieving aches, tensions and stiffness. For a relatively small outlay, you can buy an adjustable chair which will ensure you are at the right height to work. Monitors are adjustable or an adjustable arm can be bought to set the monitor to the ideal height. Ideally, the screen should be 50 to 75cm away from your eyes and the keyboard should be in a comfortable position. Surprisingly, this can make a big difference to the strain on your neck and/or back and can also prevent other issues from occurring such as RSI (repetitive strain injury). Working is also a great way to take your mind off things and can help you get back into a settled routine 3) Painkillers are another great way to help ease the pain of your aching back or neck; some people find the most effective treatment to be ibuprofen due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Most of the time, over the counter medicines will vastly improve the situation, but in more severe cases, it could well be that your GP recommends a stronger medicine, however it is vitally important you see your GP or a specialist who can recommend the right solution. 4) Hot and cold remedies is another way in which the pain can be eased. Hot water bottles placed on the affected part of the back or a relaxing hot bath can make a significant difference. Other people find colder treatments to be more effective, the traditional frozen bag of peas is a good way to reduce the pain or specialist ice packs can be purchased from various places to help combat the pain.
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