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Art in the skies. It is the Kansas University

by:Xavier      2020-07-05
Those who are involved in this form of painting make use of what is known as a working medium. What happens here is that the image on the photograph is painted onto a canvass. With the works of 22 artists, a team of two friends, one is a leading aviation and aerospace attorney, created an exhibit. In fact, in some cases, it appears to be headed out the window. The theme of one artist is a horse. While the sister is riding a horse, two brothers, model planes in hand, stare closely at the camera. For one other artist, he decided to go with his old toys and so he positioned a car by a helicopter and then he also has a floating plane in a bathtub. What you will see from one artist is a plane on an aquarium floor. Likewise, the artists' techniques show a full spectrum of variety, from slick, poster nudes to line perfect reproduction of a photograph to painterly soft spots. One artist, for instance, has placed grids on his painting to blow up a photograph, following an example set by Renaissance artists who used grids to enlarge their sketches for murals. Someone even painted an air borne fighter jet up in the clouds. It is admirable that the artists were able to make use of clear, precise lines and color in creating their masterpieces. Equipped with a couple of antique photographs, one artist made a painting of an air ship using tints. There are actually a number of people who base their works on photographs. Without the need for personal reflection, there is no personal element that comes into play here. The artist is left free to concentrate on manipulating the material. In this case, to achieve a precision unlike any other, the artists should know how to use brushes and air guns well. Pure dexterity is what is being displayed in this show. The artists that are involved in such a show want to highlight precise and distinct images which are far cries from modern abstract works of art. The artists and aficionados of photorealism were able to band together with the 22 artist show organized by the Whitney Museum in New York. Now, photorealism is back. Much time is necessary for one painting and this is why it can be costly. Such works of art are spectacular. Careful determination led to these.
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