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Air tub also referred as thermo air massage is

by:Xavier      2020-06-17
Spa therapy is considered ideal to relieve stress and tension. It is called hydrotherapy; hydro means water. Water is considered healing and beneficial since ancient times. Water is considered to have healing powers in most ancient religion and mythology. Our body, like our planet is considered to seventy percent water. Therefore, water has natural effect on our system. Drinking water is necessary to maintain good metabolism. Similarly; hydrotherapy is considered beneficial for our joints, muscles, neck and spine area. The air pressure creates water movement that massages the body muscle and increase the blood circulation. A gentle massage soothes the skin and body. Air tub are also called bubblers. In air bath when the blower generate the pressure in the water instead of water rush, the air jet at the bottom of the air tub generate millions of tiny bubbles in the water. These bubbles gently massage the body of the bather. The caress of the bubbles gives a soothing sensation. This soothing sensation is created due increase in blood circulation. Like a cardio vascular exercise, air bath increases the blood circulation which releases the hormone known as endorphins. The release of endorphins which is released when we laugh or walk, completely rejuvenate the bather and bring a new sense of well being and joy. Now, it is possible to create your own spa at home. Air baths are available in sizes and can be customized according to the bathroom design layout. Earlier spas and baths were associated with professional and commercial spa lounges and parlors. But, now anyone can have their own persona spa at home. It is more convenient to have a spa bath at home because it saves you from hassles of appointment and commuting to a spa clinic. You can daily experience the joy of relaxing spa at the comfort of your own home.
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