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Acrylic vs. Swanstone Showers

by:Xavier      2020-03-29
High-Gloss acrylic shower housing has increased compared to light fiberglass shower, but most acrylic shower is not as strong or luxurious as a shower made of Swanstone solid surface material, Swan products.However, Swanstone\'s luxury is sold at a high price and is not always worth the extra cost.Acrylic shower products are cast or molded from acrylic polymer resin to form shower wall panels, shower pans orSeparate shower.The surface of the acrylic material is non-porous and usually has a highgloss finish.Acrylic shower wall panels and shower bases are usually reinforced with ground glass fibers or composites.Manufacturers of solid surface products are not in a hurry to share their proprietary formula, but all solid surface materials are made up of natural mineral aggregates in the required form of acrylic or polyester polymers and molds.Swan claims that its Swanstone products have better impact resistance, thermal and chemical exposure capabilities than their competitor materials.Swanstone shower products include shower wall panels, shelves, shower seats, benches and shower pans that can be assembled in various configurations.The composition of the Swanstone solid surface material, whose mineral composition is bonded together by hardened resin, makes it inherently stronger than the acrylic sheet material, which is usually thinner and easier to damage.Acrylic materials are relatively flexible compared to solid surface materials, which can give them a feeling of a little fragility, but newer fiberglass-The enhanced acrylic product is much stronger than the old light acrylic product.Both the Swanstone and the acrylic shower products have a hard surface that can resist scratches, cracks, scratches and debris.You can buffer or polish a slight scratch in any material, but since the color and composition of the Swanstone are always consistent in the thickness of the material, even a fairly deep scratch can be fixedSwan also claims that the impact resistance of Swanstone is much higher than that of cast polymer products, and that Swanstone has heat resistance and is therefore ideal for use in steam showers.The porous surfaces of acrylic and Swanstone products make them stain-resistant and relatively easy to clean compared to surfaces such as fiberglass.Older acrylic products may change color over time, but the new acrylic formula reduces this trend.If you wish to use a particularly harsh cleaning product in the shower, Swanstone\'s resistance to chemicals may make it more advantageous.Given its excellent strength and durability, Swanstone seems to have an obvious advantage over casting acrylic products, but this is true only if the cost is not a problem.High-The final acrylic shower can easily overlap with the Swanstone housing at price, but complex and functional-The padded Swanstone housing is usually much more expensive than a similar acrylic case.
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