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a water dam is just one half of the complete solution

by:Xavier      2020-03-25
There are usually three places where the shower water leaks or leaks from the shower room with curtains.
These are the bottom of the shower from either side or non-lip.
Due to the aging population and our interest in improving the accessibility environment, more and more showers are being installed in North America, and we need to share information on how to help control the leakage of shower water.
We saw an increase in the number of non-lip shower stalls installed in people\'s homes, hospitals, homes for the elderly, universities, hotels and fitness clubs.
The beauty of the shower using the curtains is that the curtains are much cheaper than the solid shower.
There are also a number of people who use wheelchairs and walkers who, due to limited space to get in and out of the shower, cannot use a shower with a sturdy enclosure.
If the glass is hit by this device, there is also a safety risk in trying to bring a wheelchair or walker over a glass shower.
Shower water leakage can cause water damage to various surfaces including walls and floors, but this water can also be a safety hazard.
For most of the time between causing damage and danger, this is usually a domestic problem.
There are various types of shower Dam on the market.
Most of them are rubber, glued with glue, or glued with self-adhesive tape on their basis.
Others use metal templates that are rubber-attached.
All this installation, you just need very basic tools and skills.
Let\'s say you \'ve installed your Dam, and as I said, you\'re half way from the complete solution.
The other half of the solution is a new shower curtain design, called the sealabe shower curtain, which forms reusable waterproof seals on any shower wall.
The curtains were invented to replace the sturdy shower.
They offer all the benefits of a solid shower, basically at the cost of a high quality curtain.
Another benefit of these curtains is that you just have to put them in the laundry room to wash them.
It\'s much easier to clean the sturdy shower.
Basically, the sealed curtains have a long 1 and 1 quarter inch sleeve sewn along the sides of the curtains.
You hang the two tubes attached to the curtain on each shower ring closest to the wall, and then the shower curtain extends up to the tube attached to the rest of the shower ring.
The curtain kit provides you with many Wall channels, each with self-adhesive tape attached to any shower wall on the back.
To make a waterproof seal, one pushes the tube inside the curtain sleeve into the wall passage, that\'s it.
You have created your own \"fabric shower door\" and when it is combined with your dam it will give you a complete solution to control the shower trying to escape the shower
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